Hi Stephen:

I wanted to take a moment to commend your staff on all their help, especially Nancy. Her knowledge, patience and guidance is so appreciated and is second to none. I don’t know how we survived without her all these years. She makes things “make sense” and always has a way to make our bookwork for the business more efficient.

Since we were married (almost 24 years), John would take home the taxes and I would review them with a fine tooth comb. Obviously I didn’t understand a lot of it, but there was always something about that accountant that made me nervous. I questioned a lot and would get a round about answer. For the first time ever, when John brought home the taxes, I did NOT look at them. John was shocked. My reasoning for this was because I love Nancy. She gets us, she understands us, she breaks things down in ways I can understand and I know without a doubt that she has our best interest at heart and goes that extra mile to check it all.

I spent my lunch hour with her on the phone going over ways to improve how we record things. She has made my life easier, has helped John cut down on what he has to remember and she not only makes us look like a Fortune 500 company, but actually treats us as if we were one.

Looking forward to this year and many more to come!!

By the way, when Nancy is out or I need to get info to her, Debbie goes above
and beyond in making sure she will get it on her return. It is a great feeling
to know that you three “have our back”

Kristen & John